A "morbid art"-loving gardener recently realized that her garden looked like a graveyard, so she decided to commit to the spooky look.

Now, people are dying (pun intended) to recreate her macabre-inspired raised flower beds for themselves.

Posting TikTok content under the username @MorbidMama7, Ariel currently lives on a "spooky lil homestead" where she makes "morbid art."

Ariel's preferred aesthetic often leans toward the dark and creepy, so when she realized her black-gated, raised garden beds looked like graveyard plots, she opted to turn her gorgeous landscape into a gothic garden.

"When you accidentally turn your garden beds into a cemetery," Ariel captioned her clip on TikTok. Watch below:

In the clip, Ariel showcases her impressive green thumb — as well as her sense of humor. Her plots and plants are labeled with hysterically punny tombstones.

"Here Lies Rosemary," reads one gravestone identifying a flourishing rosemary plant, while a tombstone on a strawberry patch reads, "RIP Strawberry: She Got in a Jam." Some other clever puns include "Aloe From the Other Side" and "It Was Her Thyme."

Naturally, anyone who is also into the "goth aesthetic" is obsessed with Ariel's idea. Her viral 23-second video has garnered over 585,000 views and hundreds of comments.

"This is the best and makes me want to try gardening again," one user commented.

"I have never wished for a green thumb more than I am right now," someone else wrote.

Ariel's graveyard garden is such a hit that she also made an easy tutorial for others who wish to give their garden a graveyard glow-up. Watch below:

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