Breaking a world record is considered one of the most difficult things to do, but a surprising number of Texans have accomplished this feat.

In 2005, Margaret Lipscomb and Arthur Bullis Cash discovered the tallest Blue Bonnet flower in Big Bend National Park. This flower was just over 5 ft 4 inches tall.


In 2013, Jalyssa Walker beat the record for most consecutive back handsprings by a female in El Paso with 54.


Moontower Pizza Bar in 2018 offered what is described as "the worlds largest commercially available pizza". 8 ft x 2.8 ft and must be ordered 2 days in advance. Oh yeah, and it has over 10 lbs of cheese and toppings.


In 2016 AT&T Stadium in Arlington AKA home to the Cowboys, hosted the worlds largest Nerf Gun Battle. With  2,289 participants used 4,394 individual NERF blasters used in an event that raised money for Rebuild Rowlett Foundation for Long Term Relief and Garland Tornado Relief Fund, both are Texas based charities.


Others records include:

-The worlds largest Chocolate Truffle-1,768 lb 2 oz at Sweet Shop in Mt. Pleasant

-Most slender tower- slenderness ratio of 47.61

-Tallest swing carousel- Six flags: Texas Skyscreamer: 410 ft

-The Largest Bat colony- 20 million bats in San Antonio

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