If you're tired of all of the 'Let It Go' covers going viral around the Internet, let Zac Efron breathe some new life back into the incessently catchy 'Frozen' tune for you.

Thanks to one eagle-eyed YouTuber who realized the similarities between the oft-shirtless hottie's 'Bet On It' routine and 'Let It Go,' there is now a hilariously synched-up vid of Efron belting out the 'HSM' song as the 'Frozen' track plays over it. As the hunky actor passionately runs through grassy fields and jumps on rocky crags, we can totally see the resemblance to Queen Elsa twirling around her ice castle. (And the fact that the video is called 'Bet It Go' only helps matters.)

While the video was uploaded back in February, it's just now gaining traction, probably because the Internet needs its daily dose of 'Frozen' and Zac Efron. Check out the epic 'Frozen/'HSM' mash-up above!

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