Nothing makes us crazier than the drivers in San Angelo. Add busy intersections and it's utter chaos. I work the normal 8-5pm schedules like most citizens of San Angelo, which means I'm always caught in traffic. 

Here are the top 5 intersections I avoid at peak hours.

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    Sherwood Way & Avenue N

    Not only is this intersection crazy, but if you're not from here it's almost impossible to navigate. Which lane am I in? That car is way to close. Oh, this is a turning lane only? You're supposed to yield at a yellow light, NOT FLOOR IT!

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    Bryant & The Loop

    There is definitely not enough room for the turning lane. Everyone races to hit that turn lane to get on the loop. Not to mention a train could roll through at anytime and every single person will sit on those tracks at a red light.

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    Bryant & Ave L

    This peanutty cluster madness in the morning is fun. I think most of us are late and trying to get to work on time. Which means, we are trying to get through these lights. But of course you have to consider the 8ish trains coming through...

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    McDonalds & Southwest Blvd

    I live in this area and it is by far the WORST location in San Angelo. I love that we have hospitality but letting cars in between the traffic is a HUGE liability. Call me mean, but I'm not letting you through. If you were to get hit turning in cause I let you. It's my fault. No thank you, I'm not dealing with my insurance agent.

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    Anywhere Bell Street

    ... Hello new tires and suspension.

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