We all understand why traffic tickets must be issued.  It is essential for the safety of everyone on the roads in Texas to be safe. There have to be penalties when the rules are ignored.

That doesn't make it any easier when we are on the receiving end of a nice fat traffic ticket. Here is the Texas Moving Violations Chart

It is important to note that offenses classified as "minor" for non-commercial Texas drivers can be considered "major" for someone with a commercial driver's license. According to  Section 522.003 (25) of the Texas Transportation Code, here are just a few examples.

Following too closely, speeding more than 15 miles an hour or more over the posted limit, and improper lane changes are all major traffic violations for commercial license holders.

Given that there are so many rules of the road in Texas, what are the most common traffic violations in Texas?

1) Texting/ Using a Cell Phone While Driving:  Before the mobile phone era, speeding was the most common traffic violation in Texas and most other states. With the proliferation of mobile phones, even with hands-free devices, texting and driving is Texas's most common traffic violation.  There have been many initiatives from law enforcement agencies on many levels in Texas to catch drivers who violate this law.


Even with stiff penalties, these law enforcement efforts and large numbers of costly tickets have not curbed this dangerous behavior.  With 1.2 deaths per billion miles driven, Texas has one of the nation's highest distracted driving fatality rates.

2) Speeding:  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Texas is in the top five states that issue the most speeding tickets. Many believe they can get amnesty for driving a few miles an hour over posted speeds. This is not the case. An officer can issue a ticket, even if you're one mile an hour over the limit.

3) DUI/DWI: In Texas, one person dies in a drunk driving accident every 50 minutes. That works out to about 30 a day and almost 11,000 a year. The national legal blood alcohol limit for drivers is .08%. By accepting a driver's license in Texas, you consent to a breath or blood alcohol test. If you refuse, your license is suspended on the spot for 180 days. Even a first DUI offense in Texas can cost you $2000 in fines, a year's license suspension, and a minimum of three days in jail.

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4) Motorcycle Lane Splitting: is when a motorcycle crowds another vehicle by sharing a lane with another vehicle. We've all seen a motorcyclist attempt to ride between lines of stopped traffic to get past a slowdown.  This is illegal and results in many tickets statewide every year. Motorcycle riding on sidewalks and shoulders is also prohibited.

5) Failure to Stop/Running a Red Light: Even though Texas banned red light cameras in 2019, many Texans yearly wind up with expensive tickets for rolling through a stop sign or gunning it through an intersection as the light turns red.  A ticket for running a stop sign or red light is will also add points to your license and affect your insurance rates

6) Not using Child Car Seats:  There are so many people who still do not use child car seats, that violations for this offense are in the Unlucky Top 7. Car seat laws specify that children eight and younger must be secured in a federally approved restraint seat unless the child is at least four free nine inches tall.


7) Seatbelt Violations: I guess the incessant "Click It or Ticket" messages still haven't gotten through for some. Seat belt violations are still one of the top traffic violations in Texas.

We are getting into the Spring/Summer driving season. It is always a good idea to follow the rules of the road. Violations cost money, not just in fines, but in higher insurance premiums.  They can also cost you something no money could ever replace, your life.

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