We've all been there. Driving down the road, feeling like James Dean or Vin Diesel. Then boom, those legendary lights, and the sounds of the siren.

No one wants to get a speeding ticket obviously, so what do you do to get out of one? We've all heard of people being able to. But how do we actually do it?

Well apparently, the best ways to do it according to the internet are:

-Tell the officer you were following the flow of traffic.

-Claim you need to use the bathroom.

-Say you're late for work.

-Say there's a medical emergency (this one is very risky)

-Women say flirting has gotten them out of tickets (shocker)

-Some say playing dumb works, didn't see the sign, thought it was faster, etc.

-But the number one way consistently to get out of a speeding ticket.... Ask for a warning. Asking for a warning apparently has the best odds of actually getting you one.

Now if you do get a ticket, 97% of people say that hiring a lawyer got the fine dropped significantly, but i'm not sure how that works, especially since you have to pay a lawyer so I can't imagine you're saving that much money...

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