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A Texas man passed away after his family says he was refused court ordered ivermectin treatment by a hospital.

Pete Lopez of Richmond had been at Memorial Hermann Sugar Land for almost a month battling COVID-19. According to his family, he was put on a ventilator on Aug. 19.

His family, who has been appealing with Memorial Hermann to administer won a court order for the hospital to treat him with the controversial drug.

Despite the family's court order win, they claimed the hospital refused to administer the drug.

Lopez was a Vietnam War veteran who suffered a heart attack a few years ago but was in good health according to his family.

Lopez's granddaughter, Gabrielle Snider, told TV station KTRK that when they exhausted all options, they pushed for the hospital to administer ivermectin treatment.

According to Snider, Lopez was previously prescribed ivermectin by VA Medical Center, but he was admitted to the hospital before he was able to take it.

"He had the prescription with him at the hospital and the doctors knew that," Snider told Eyewitness News on Sunday. "We have been asking them to administer it since day one."

A judge signed a court order in favor of the family on Sept. 3, according to documents.

Despite the ruling, Lopez still has not received the drug, according to his family.

The hospital released a statement saying the FDA does not authorize or approve ivermectin for the treatment or prevention of COVID-19.

Lopez's family did not indicate whether Lopez was vaccinated.

What is your opinion of this story? Was the hospital right to not administer a medication that is not FDA approved or should they have followed the court order as the family says. Let us know what you think on Facebook or on our station app.

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