Britney. Mariah. Shania. Celine. Rihanna. Ariana. Gaga. They all — we all — need to come to Brazil.

It is a known Fact that success in the pop music industry is dependent entirely upon a devoted Brazilian fanbase. If you don't have a Brazilian Twitter fan account pleading for you to come to the country from the get-go, you might as well pack up your stilettos and wigs and call it a day.

Alaska Thunderfuck, the Leading Snake of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 2, knows this to be true, considering she is one of drag's best, most shameless self-marketing machines sent from outer space.

Accordingly, Alaska's just put out the world's most unsubtle shout-out to Brazil, called — wait for it — "Come To Brazil," a joyous club anthem devoted to the country that demands, insists and requires all pop stars to come to Brazil. There's speak-singing, chanting and name-dropping aplenty. It's one big party, much like the Portuguese-speaking country to which you need to come.

"Come to Brazil" is just one song off of Alaska's forthcoming Poundcake album featuring the likes of Adore Delano, Miss Fame and Gia Gunn, which is ingeniously dropping right after the Drag Race All Stars finale tonight (Oct. 13). God, she's good...for a SNAKE.

Please come — and please RT — For Brazil.