Learning a lot of entertainers deal with anxiety has allowed me to not hide it anymore.

My name is Quinn Alexander, and I am the happiest guy you'll meet, and a lot of the time my own brain doesn't want me to be.

Anxiety has become very prevalent in recent years, yet a lot of people don't quite understand it, to be honest, I don't understand it completely and I probably never will.

Anxiety is described as a feeling of fear or apprehension about what’s to come. Anxiety presents itself differently for most people, for me it causes my brain to immediately go to the worst case scenario.

For instance, if my boss says he wants to talk to me, I immediately think i'm about to be fired, and that is all that will be on my mind the entire conversation. I will think and dwell on something I did wrong for weeks, months, sometimes even years. Even if it was minuscule.

My own mind will also cause me to go into ridiculous scenarios that will not happen in a million years and I will dwell on that insane notion for hours. Then once that idea leaves my mind, I will start to believe i'm an idiot for believing that scenario could happen to begin with.

I do not hate my anxiety, I believe it allows me to relate to others in a way that I wouldn't be able to. If you are like me suffering you are not alone.

And to my anxiety I say this, I do not fear you, I know you're there, I know you feed off my energy, I know you are not strong enough to beat me.

My name is Quinn Alexander and I have anxiety, but anxiety does not have a hold on me.

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