One of the memorable things about childhood for me was being so proud to earn money from the Tooth Fairy for every tooth I lost. Have you ever wondered whose tooth costs the most? Apparently, every state varies.

There was a survey done by the Dental Care Alliance to see which states paid the most and Texas came in at no. 6 with a pay out of $6 per tooth. The survey also reports that Delaware is coming in at number one for the most generous Tooth Fairy with an average of $8.91 per tooth. Coming in last place at number 50 is Iowa, where each tooth is averaging out at $2.30.

Delta Dental has been tracking the Tooth Fairy's financials from the beginning (since 1998), and they say the prices tend to keep going up.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

According to the research, two separate parents said that their child gets an unbelievable $50 per tooth from the tooth fairy in Delaware, and in Iowa, it ranged from 50 cents to $5.

The national average is up to $4.57 and most children have around 20 baby teeth, meaning the average for one child's whole head of teeth is a payout of $91.40. Unless you're the child from Delaware with $50 a tooth who will end up costing the parent $1,000. Holy cow!

Curious about the other states and how they stood to the challenge? The bottom 3 payouts are as followed: 

#48: Massachusetts pays out $2.48 per tooth.

#49: Wyoming pays $2.43 per tooth.

#50: Iowa pays a whopping $2.30 per tooth.

Coming in at the top 5 and beating Texas are: 

#5 Rhode Island at $6.12 per tooth

#4 Mississippi at $6.17 per tooth

#3 Florida at $7.42 per tooth

#2 Hawaii at $8.39 per tooth

#1 Delaware at $8.91 per tooth

When you were growing up, what was the going rate for the tooth fairy? The average for each state is based on the responses of the survey which are at least 20 people who have identified as parents in each state. Responses claiming to pay more than $50.00, or less than $0.01 per tooth, were removed to avoid unfairly skewing a state’s average payment per tooth.

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