After much anticipation, it is finally here. Beyonce has unleashed her long-awaited seventh studio album, Renaissance.

The new album sees Beyonce head to the dance floor with its anthemic songs. However, across the album, Queen Bey also shows love for the LGBTQ+ community. In fact, she goes on to credit her late Uncle Johnny - who was a queer man - in the Renaissance booklet.

In her tribute to him, she says: "[He was] the first person to expose me to a lot of the music and the culture that serve as inspiration for this album."

Now that the album has made its way into the world, fans have flocked to social media to express their love for it and to share what songs they deem to be the highlights from it.

Peep all of the reactions below:

While fans may be loving the project now, Beyonce was not loving the fact that Renaissance leaked prior to its release. Nevertheless, she did thank the fans that called out anyone that was listening to it early.

In a statement to Twitter, she said: "So, the album leaked, and you all actually waited until the proper release time so you all can enjoy it together. I've never seen anything like it. I can't thank ya'll enough for your love and protection."

She continued: "I appreciate you for calling out anyone that was trying to sneak into the club early. It means the world to me. Thank you for your unwavering support. Thank you for being patient. We are going to take our time and enjoy the music. I will continue to give my all and do my best to bring you joy. I love you deep."

Renaissance is Beyonce's first solo music since she shared her Lemonade album back in 2016. Upon its debut the album received massive amounts of acclaim, similar to that Renaissance is receiving upon its debut as well.

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