'It was the greatest opportunity of my life to have gotten the chance to brush up against that kind of genius.'

Those are the words of the director of the El Paso Sports Commission, Brian Kennedy, on the news of the death of Prince. Prince was found dead in his home in Minnesota today, and Brian Kennedy spoke with me about his time with the musical legend.

I asked Kennedy how he came to know and work for Prince. He said that went to high school with Prince's bass player in the Revolution. During the Purple Rain tour, Kennedy was hired to be a bodyguard. The gig entailed regular late night jaunts out to clubs which Kennedy said were electric. He said that everyone in the world knew who Prince was, and just his presence in the club would amp things up. Kennedy also recalled how Prince would jump onstage and pick up any instrument and wow the crowd with his performances. Kennedy said one of those times, Prince sat down at an organ, and when Kennedy told one of the entourage that Prince didn't play the organ, he was told, 'Just watch.' Kennedy was blown away by Prince's prowess once again.

Kennedy said it has been decades since he has had any contact with Prince, and couldn't speak to what might have led to his death, but he did say that the world lost a musical genius. Kennedy said the chances that Prince took, the way he knew what would work musically and what wouldn't, shows that no matter how eccentric he was, his talent always shone through.

As someone who grew up listening to Prince, I agree. We lost another musical legend whose music will never fade away, never get old.

Rest in peace, Prince.

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