There are a lot of people who believe that San Angelo is a rustic Old West Town.  They think the last thing our West Texas town would ever be interested in is a spiritual discipline born from bringing harmony between mind and body. The word "Yoga" is derived from a word in the oldest language on earth,  Sanskrit. It comes from the  word "Yuj" which means to join or unite.

The practice of Yoga is believed to have begun at the dawn of civilization. The science of Yoga goes back to the pre-eminent civilizations of the Middle East, Northern Africa and Asia.  In fact, scientists are mystified about the parallels between ancient civilizations separated by thousands of miles in antiquity.  How could they be so similar without ever having contact?  Truly this is an issue for another story.

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Here in San Angelo, there are several places where you can practice Yoga.  These include:

1) Yoga San Angelo 63 N Chadbourne St. According to their website, Yoga San Angelo has many classes with names like "Gentle Yoga", "Hot Yoga", "Restorative Meditation", and Hatha Yoga.  They also talk about Aerial Yoga that looks absolutely invigorating.


2) Pura Flow Yoga 12 E Twohig Ste 103 Kimbery A. listed as "Business Owner" is very responsive to inquiries about Yoga and her services on "Yelp"  One of her reviews mentions trying Yoga on the water.  That sounds amazing.  Not only do we have Yoga in San Angelo, but Yoga that proudly goes in exciting directions.

3) Grace and Grit Yoga 405 W. Avenue C This studio is billed as a "Hatha" based Yoga. According to Tiana H. on the website, Hatha form-based "uses strength to find a deeper stretch through the embodiment of this method, one will see onself transform both inside and out". It goes on to say: "I help to take students to that place within them selves where they find strength, beauty and peace".  In this day and age with all the stresses even out here in the wilds of West Texas, achieving this would truly be amazing.

4) HOTWORX 4826 Southland Boulevard HOTWORX has many locations and tens of thousands of fans on social media. I think it's safe to say they bring "The Heat".  Their "Hot" Yoga program has many therapeutic benefits. HOTWORX a variety of virtually instructed, infrared sauna workouts that combines heat, infrared energy and exercise.

There are also Yoga classes and programs at Anytime Fitness, Goodfellow Air Force Base Gym, Shannon Health Club, and Life Better Living Support.

You can say what you want, but San Angelo is a town with a lot of culture, arts, diversity and spirituality. There is no reason, with stereotypes of all kinds falling by the wayside, why even a cowboy couldn't find peace, relaxation and harmony through Yoga.  Afterall, the world definitely could use a lot more of that.



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