One father is being hailed for his actions in dealing with his son.

In a viral video two young boys were filmed harassing and cursing at grocery workers and customers in England.

The video went viral with tons of people venting their anger and frustration at the young boys for their comments and demeanor.

But no one was more upset or hurt than the father of one of the boys.

The father immediately took his son back to the store and forced him to apologize while on camera.

He then posted the video online with his statement:

For everyone who has seen a video of this boy threatening members of staff at Asda yesterday. As a dad I have never been more disgusted and mortified with my son in my life. He has not been brought up to behave in this manner and I do not condone his behavior at all.

Many people have shared their support of the dad for his parenting.

You can watch the video below. Warning for harsh language.

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