Paul McCartney surprised older fans (and younger listeners) when he collaborated with Kanye West, and West himself later explained that he brought McCartney's music the sort of "angst" it had when the former Beatle wrote with John Lennon. What would Lennon have thought of all this? Dana Carvey has a few ideas.

The former Saturday Night Live cast member, recently back on the set for the show's 40th anniversary special, sat down alongside fellow SNL vet Bill Hader for a chat with the Hollywood Reporter, and -- as often tends to be the case with Carvey -- the conversation quickly turned to the sort of pop culture comedy riffing at which the master impressionist has always excelled.

Part of Carvey's THR routine was offering up an imagined conversation between McCartney and Lennon, with Lennon phoning in from the afterlife with a series of confused questions regarding West's role in the creative process. "Well, what does he do? Does he play an instrument? Does he sort of just hum along?" asks Lennon, while McCartney tries in vain to explain the concept of Auto-Tune -- and Hader collapses in hysterics.

We'll have another chance to see Carvey back in action Feb. 15, when the SNL 40th anniversary special takes over NBC's primetime schedule: The show, which just added another half hour to its already-extended running time, will air from 8-11:30PM ET.

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