Raising emus, you know the bird from the Liberty Insurance commercials, was a huge fad in the late 90s.  Like most fads, the emu fad went bust, although a few emu farms around our area still do great business.

At one time, farmers were turning emus loose in Texas, because they could no longer afford to feed them. If you're a hunter out there looking for a buck, then you might consider yourself lucky if you were to come across a wandering emu.

Photo by Melissa Keizer on Unsplash
Photo by Melissa Keizer on Unsplash

In snowy Wisconsin, Asher Torbeck, a local police sergeant, was out hunting when he came upon an emu. It is not the kind of thing you would expect in the woods in Wisconsin. Maybe in Texas, since we have history, but not Wisconsin.

In any event, according to Torbeck's Facebook story of the incident, about the same time he sees the emu, he also sees a six-point buck. The buck was just as surprised to see an emu in Wisconsin as he was.

“The emu stands up real quick and the deer stops in his tracks and now they’re just looking at each other like, what in the world are you?” said Torbeck. After a ten minute staredown, the buck turned and he got his shot."

Now, there's a hunting story. So, hunters looking for success out there this season should ask around.  Maybe there's a tame emu you could "borrow". Emus are very good in the woods.  They fight off coyotes.

As for the emu in this story, it all has a happy ending. The hunter earned the emu's trust and was able to get her to follow out of the woods and back to its owner.  This emu, actually named, Limu,  is safe and sound now.  I'll bet Limu tells her emu friends quite a hunting story of her own.

You can read the story of the emu hunter here:

I'm not sure if the Liberty Insurance people have heard this story, or not. After all, it's their competitor that's "seen a thing or two" In any event, it might be a great commercial for hunters looking to "save a buck" on insurance.

Maybe, I should stick to telling stories and leave the auto insurance and hunting to the pros.

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