June 23rd is National Hydration Day. That means you should make water your main priority, especially since summer has officially begun.

While guzzling H2O is a great habit to incorporate into your daily activities during the hotter months, another important step is avoiding foods and drinks that will dehydrate you. Here are some surprising items that you should limit during this time of year.

Top 7 Foods + Drinks That Can Surprisingly Dehydrate You

It's common knowledge that alcohol, coffee and tea can cause you to become dehydrated. However, you may not realize that the following otherwise healthy foods and drinks could also have the same effect.

While these foods can dehydrate you, it's important remember that by simply adding more water to your diet you can easily deter the dehydrating effects of these healthy items. Moreover, while we have all heard the recommendation that you should be drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day, the Mayo Clinic thinks you need more.

They state that in a temperate climate (i.e. not Texas in the summer), men should be consuming 15.5 cups and women should aim for 11.5 cups. What this means is that we may need a little more to stay healthy. They do note that about 20 percent of your hydration comes from food, so check out these fantastic hydrating items to incorporate into your diet and fight the impact of this West Texas heat.

Simple Snack & Meal Ideas to Keep Your Kids Hydrated on Triple Digit Days

All of these delicious foods are at least 70% water! Including them in your kid's diet is an easy way to help prevent them from becoming dehydrated!

12 Toxic Foods That You Should NEVER Feed Your Dog

While we're all aware of certain foods that will cause a threat, there are others that may come as quite a surprise. We break down what symptoms to watch out for and why these foods should be avoided.

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