It was a big week for the US Treasury as about 80 million Americans saw thousands of dollars in stimulus money magically get deposited into their accounts.

If you didn't get a stimulus this week, as millions of Americans didn't, WMTW indicates there are several different reasons why.

The first reason could be that you didn't get a tax refund in 2018 or 2019. Even if you filed your taxes the last two years, you would have to have received a refund for the IRS to have been able to direct deposit to you. Even if the IRS had account info that it was using to pull money out it still wouldn't matter. 2018 or 2019 had to have some kind of refund.

Number two is a pretty simple one. You have an old bank account. If your tax refund for the last couple of years went into an account that is no longer in existence, then the IRS couldn't possibly deposit money into it because- well, it doesn't exist!

Your stimulus check could have gone into a temporary account that was set up by the person who did your taxes this year. Some tax preparers use temp accounts so that your refunds get deposited directly to them so they can take out their fees owed and send the rest to your account.

Next up is old-fashioned filing. The majority of taxpaying Americans file electronically, though there are some that still like to do it the old way. Pen and paper. If that's the case, you're likely going to be waiting a couple of weeks for a paper check to come to you in the mail.

You may not even be required to file taxes. According to WMTW there are millions of people in the US that don't legally have to file taxes. Individuals who make less than $12,500 or couples who make less than $25,000. If that's the case, and you haven't recently filed taxes, the IRS has no information on electronic deposits or addresses to send your stimulus.

If you have not received your stimulus payment yet but think you should have, the IRS has set up this online tool for users to check the status of their payment.

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