Fortunately, we don't get ice storms that often in San Angelo. There are corridors in the United States that get more severe ice storms more often than we do.

The main reason Ice storms occur further south in Texas more often than other winter weather events is primarily because they require warm pockets of air to form. The warm air occurs high in the atmosphere causing the rain.  The cold air near the surface causes ice.

Photo by Jody Confer on Unsplash
Photo by Jody Confer on Unsplash

The effects of these storms here in Texas can be more devastating because residents, road crews, and utility companies are less prepared for this type of weather event. Ice is the most challenging weather phenomenon for drivers. While many drivers can navigate safely on snow, it seems ice poses challenges for the most experienced drivers.

Even walking can be dangerous in these conditions. There are numerous viral videos on TikTok every winter showing people slipping on icy surfaces. Serious injuries can occur.

Since the supply of de-icing products often disappears at the first sign of winter weather, it can be very difficult to keep your walkways clear of dangerous ice. Fortunately, there is a fast do-it-yourself de-icer that you can make with common ingredients found in your home.

People with umbrella during snow storm car pedestrian

Here is the recipe for a magic de-icer you can make now.

In a bucket, combine a half gallon of hot water, about six drops of Dawn dish soap,(or any dish soup) and one-quarter cup of rubbing alcohol.

Once you pour this mixture on your sidewalk or driveway, the ice will bubble up and melt. Then all you need is a shovel to scrape away any leftover pieces of ice. Here is another hack. You can also put this mixture in a spray bottle and use it to thaw your car windows.

More on the Magic DIY De-icer

The best way to stay safe during this Ice Event is to stay home. At least now, you can keep your home walkways safe until all this is over.

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