It's been making the rounds on social media.  The headline reads "Strange Arthropods Make Their Way to Texas".  The photos are like arachnophobia meets "The Alien"  The posts are truly chilling.

Ok, this Milan Koprivanecz would have to be a little off.  There isn't a sane Texan on earth who wouldn't reach for the nearest firearm, and because it's Texas there would be one nearby, and blow this scary looking thing to kingdom come.  To insist that something that looks like Cousin It meats Tarantula could possibly be "affectionate" already leads me down a path of absolute incredulousness.

In all fairness, many of the posts of these so-called arthropods did state that these posts were meant to be satirical. On the other hand, almost as many who picked up this post and ran with it, were asking for more information.

A fact checking website from Sri Lanka of all places decided to do a post on this so-called creature.  How is it that Sri Lankans know more about the supposed "Texas" creature than anyone here in Texas? They say this creature has many appearances, but not in Texas, rather in Sci-Fi.

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They report that this alleged "arthropod" looks a lot like the "Facehugger" found in the famous 1979 horror film "Alien". Here is an exerpt from "Alien" featuring the monster recently posted on YouTube.

Halloween is coming and ghost stories and stores of scary creatures wondering the vast expanses here in Texas are bound to pop up.  Fact checkers gleefully report that this creature is not a living species but is artificially created or digitally manipulated.  If you do see something like this in your house, don't count on it being affectionate.

Photo: Amazon
Photo: Amazon

They certainly weren't very cuddly in "The Alien".



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