In these times, it has never been important to commemorate the many diverse communities and backgrounds that have contributed so much to the tapestry of what we call "America".  It cannot be understated.  E Pluribus Unum, out of many, one great nation arose to defy tyranny around the world and create, arguably, the greatest nation in the history of the world.

Celebrations of National Hispanic Heritage Month 2022 have already begun here in San Angelo.  The event runs from last Thursday, through Saturday, October 15th. Why is National Hispanic Heritage Month celebrated at this time?

On September 15, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Honduras celebrates its independence followed on the 16th by, Mexico.  Back in 1988, President Ronald Reagon extended the recognition of these holidays into a period of 31 days, and it was named National Hispanic Heritage Month.

The theme of the celebrations is, Unidos: Inclusivity for a Stronger Nation.  With all the diverse activities here in San Angelo, getting people from many organizations together to plan and execute in the spirit of "Unidos" has given rise to some incredible events.

Everything kicked off with a celebration on the steps of City Hall. There were mariachis and performances from SAISP school children, along with moving words from local Hispanic leaders.

Perhaps the best way we can honor National Hispanic Heritage Month is to come together as a community to help bring the dream of the San Angelo Hispanic Heritage Museum and Cultural Center to life. It would be a great testimonial to Unidos for San Angelo to erect a permanent monument to all the incredible sacrifices and contributions this community has made to San Angelo's success over its history.

Even though it is not part of Hispanic Heritage Month, another great event to honor Hispanic Culture is coming to San Angelo on October 28th-29th as the city celebrates Día de los Muertos at 1 Love Street. #muertosdelconcho. Along with the colorful menagerie of costumes and customs, this event will bring a car show, Catrina Contest, a Procession, music and all the pageantry of one of the most engaging cultural events of the Hispanic World.

With all the events planned for National Hispanic Heritage Month in San Angelo, it is fitting that we all take time to re-dedicate ourselves to the idea that our diversity as a nation is our strength, and not a weakness. We must ignore those who seek to divide us.  Everyone has a culture and a story. Celebrating who we are within the tapestry of our incredible community and nation helps us all build a better future.

Now, go and enjoy the sounds, the flavors and the vibrant colors of this incredible community.

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