In 2022, the search for "yard sales" was one of the top Google Searches in San Angelo. It would seem people around here really love thrift shopping. So what San Angelo needs are more garage sales.

There are a few flea markets in the area.

With prices skyrocketing, garage sales, flea  markets, and thrift shops are a big draw. It is just part of the West Texas culture.

If you're looking for great second-hand or thrift shop items you can always go to Goodwill of West Texas. They're at 2301 Sherwood Way and  4216 College Hills Boulevard. The Salvation Army thrift store is also good at 2225 W. Beauregard Avenue.

Some other locations around San Angelo include:

CowPatties Thrift Shop 31A West Twohig Street

CowPatties is a great place to find "this and that" They have clothing, shoes, and accessories for the whole family.  There is anticipation in the air as they are remodeling and planning a Grand Re-opening on February 1st.

Dorin's Thrift Avenue 746 US 87 S. 1308 Frontage Road

You will find a lot of treasures at Dorin's Thrift Avenue. They have unique items. There are antiques.  There is certainly a great and constantly updated collection of items. The historic Fort Concho coke bottle was a particularly interesting treasure.

ABA Flea Market 746 U.S. Highway 87 South

On any given Saturday, American British Antiques Flea Market can have 20 or so vendors. There is always a great selection of items with widely varying prices. If you love thrift shopping, you can't miss this. It can be a little hot and sticky in the summer, so go early.

One of the great vendors at The ABA Mini Mall Flea Market is Little M. She describes herself as "just a girl at the market with some cool junk, unique gifts, cool art and some up-cycled furniture.

This shop has some incredible bargains.


Concho Confetti 42 E Concho Avenue 

If you enjoy thrift shopping, garage sales, and flea markets, then surely you can't pass up a good estate sale. There are often treasures there. Concho Confetti is no stranger to treasures.

According to their Facebook page, Concho Confetti says, "since we opened we have strived to be the best...We have unique gifts, jewelry, candles, and cool-painted furniture. What is so cool about our store is every day our dealers (over 30) are bringing new and exciting things in. So you just never know what you may find."

That is the very definition of thrift shopping.

Dunlap Estate Sales 2220 Beauregard Avenue.

When I saw vintage Barbie furniture, I know this was a vendor I wanted to get to know better. They also have a consignment store so you know there is a constant, ever-changing array of items for sale. WIth online sales taking over, Dunlap is a great place to re-discover the "art" of thrift shopping.

There are lots of other places in our area to find thrift shop items, collectibles, and antiques. We will surely have updates.  Maybe you know a great store that we missed. Please let us know, so we can feature it in the future.

Happy Hunting.

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