According to Ed Sheeran, losing his virginity wasn’t all that great. In fact, there’s something else he’s done that he considers much better.

The British singer-songwriter revealed that selling out Madison Square Garden three times felt better than losing his virginity. When asked by Elle why his first time doesn’t rank higher, he responded, “It’s a benchmark in my life, but it wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever done.”

Well, selling out the iconic arena is pretty impressive.

Ed was also asked about his songwriting process, including whether it’s life experience or idealism that inspires him to write his hit songs. “Life experience,” he said. “Every song I’ve written — apart from the song for ‘The Hobbit’ — has been from life experience.”

If every song is from personal experience, does he ever worry about offending someone he wrote a song about?

“Yeah, I really put my foot in it a couple times on this record,” he admitted.

A few songs come to mind. ‘Don’t,’ in particular, which is about a girl he was seeing that ended up sleeping with another guy. Though he won’t give up any names, he did reveal he hasn't heard from the girl he wrote the track about. “But I’ve heard things,” he revealed. “I’ve heard things about what the reaction was.”

So far the gossip points to the song being about Ellie Goulding. But as far as commenting on that gossip, he added, “I just think it’s best if I keep quiet and they keep quiet.”

The 23-year-old also shared what he looks for in a woman. “A sense of humor. I think that’s key for any long-lasting relationship.”

It doesn’t seem like there will be any long-lasting relationship between Ed and his good friend Taylor Swift anytime soon, but he did have one fact to share about his fellow singer. “She’s a massive ‘Law & Order’ fan,” he said. “Or is it CSI? It’s one of them — on a continuous loop in the house.”

Considering Taylor recently named her new kitten Olivia Benson, we’re going to guess it’s Law & Order.

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