Serena Williams loves to twerk. She famously popped and dropped it in Beyonce's "Sorry" video. Then she took things a step further (too far) by releasing a fun how-to twerk instructional video--that got everyone questioning just how formidable the tennis megastar's twerking abilities really are.

But Snapchat has made one thing abundantly clear:  Serena is great at many things, but twerking isn't really one of them. She uploaded another vid of her twerking at a club in Brooklyn to Juvenile's booty-shakin' classic "Back Dat Ass Up." And let's just say her rhythm is a You can see for yourself in the clip above the story.

And fans are mostly just very, very disappointed. Check out Serena twerking in happier times in the "Sorry" video; and peep some of the dismayed reactions to Serena's lack of twerking skills below.