In January, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety announced that gas stoves might have to be regulated or banned. That story caused quite an uproar. It went viral everywhere.

Not content to stir up passionate feelings on both sides once, the Federal Government is now coming after your washing machine.

Last month the Department of Energy proposed new efficiency standards for washing machines. The standards will require new appliances to use less water for environmental reasons.

The government says the new efficiency standards will save Americans nearly $3.5 billion dollars annually on energy and water bills. The new rules could go into effect as soon as 2027.

The agency says rules regulating efficiency standards on washers and dryers haven't been updated in 11 years, and many technological advancements in the industry can significantly improve their efficiency.

Not so fast, say industry representatives. As with the gas stove situation, there is another side to this argument.

Photo by Mert Guller on Unsplash
Photo by Mert Guller on Unsplash

Some leading industry corporations claim that the new rules regarding water and energy usage mandates will force manufacturers to reduce cleaning performance rather than enhance it.  Some claim the new rules will increase the time necessary for a wash cycle, the detergent will cost more, and clothes will not come out as clean as they do now.

Besides, they say more energy and water-efficient appliances are already available, and consumers are not choosing efficiency over cleaning performance.

A spokesperson for the Department of Energy told Fox News Digital that the new proposals regulating washing machines are intended to promote innovation and keep money in the pockets of Americans without sacrificing reliability or performance.

There might be some benefits for washers that are slightly less efficient. It could lead to the end of the popularity of men's white cotton briefs. There is some doubt whether these new government-mandated washers could make "tidy whities" genuinely tidy.

The inability of the new machines to remove the stains might force many men to seek a new underwear choice. That will make a lot of wives and girlfriends quietly happy.

Photo by Andreea Popa on Unsplash
Photo by Andreea Popa on Unsplash

If everyone's clothes are stinkier, that could mean more work-from-home situations just when many of us were all finally about to move on from Zoom meetings.

All this makes some of us consider eating our Tide Pods in frustration. Don't do it. They can kill you or, at the very least, make you as crazy as the people who work in government to devise all these ways to aggravate us.

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