According to Wedding Report, in 2023, weddings are expected to be slightly below 2021 levels. They estimate 2.24 million couples are tying the knot this year. The number of marriages is expected to be lower than in 2021 since so many couples had to postpone because of Covid in 2020.

One of the most common wedding traditions is throwing rice. The tradition became popular in the 20th century. It was considered a symbol of a couple's desire to have a bountiful wedded life.

The practice has been vilified in recent years. Many venues and locations have banned the practice. The bans are due to a popular urban myth.  According to this myth, birds can explode if they ingest rice thrown at weddings and other events.

According to All About Birdsit is a myth. Many birds eat rice in nature. It is easily digestible. Eating too much-uncooked rice can cause digestive problems in birds, such as bloating and discomfort. This might not be good for any vehicle that happens to be in their vicinity. They will not explode, however.

There are some valid reasons NOT to throw rice at weddings like it can be slippery for people wearing smooth-soled dress shoes and may attract rodents.

Likewise, many people mistakenly believe that throwing rice at weddings is illegal. An extensive search could turn up no statewide laws in Texas or even local ordinances, such as the forbidding throwing of rice at weddings.

The ideas that rice can cause birds to explode or that throwing rice is illegal are so pervasive that many wedding venues now forbid the process. If this rice-throwing tradition must be part of your nuptials, check with your venue beforehand.

If you're getting married this year, may all your birds be singing and not exploding. Someone put that on a Hallmark card.

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