H-E-B employees will soon get the biggest pay increase in the history of the company.

According to News 10, "H-E-B says it has depended on its “great partners” to succeed during the pandemic and plans to transition from a temporary pay increase related to the pandemic to a permanent long-term increase because its employees are “the heart and soul of our business.”

Not only will the employees get a permanent increase in pay, but the company also says that Martin Luther King Day will be a paid holiday moving forward.

“Throughout the coronavirus crisis, H-E-B Partners have demonstrated our collective commitment to take care of Texans. H-E-B was one of the first retailers to launch a temporary bonus program,” H-E-B said.

The company says the pay increases will be twice the amount the employees have been receiving on a temporary basis.

In a news release, the company also said medical leave was being extended, and that employees diagnosed with COVID-19 will receive pay as they recuperate at home.

This is an awesome way for H-E-B to show how valuable their employees are to their business. A shout out to all the essential workers putting themselves out there to make sure we get the things we need to get by everyday.

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