Nothing beats going out with friends and enjoying dinner or happy hour while catching up. It is always a great time, but there is always that one friend that makes a fool of themselves.

A video recently went viral on TikTok of a ground of women going out to dinner with the captions, “happy hour gone wrong.” In the video you can see all the ladies sitting down at a large booth when one of them has an interesting thought. Obviously, it was one of those intrusive thoughts that most people ignore, like throwing your phone off a balcony or jumping into a pool while fully clothed, but she acted on her intrusive thought of trying to climb into the space between the wall and the back of the booth.

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You would think after getting your head in the gap you would back out and stop trying to get into the hole, but not this lady. She fully committed to her mission and went head first into the hole, falling in, and getting stuck with just her feet poking out from behind the booth. After taking a few photos and laughing about the situation, her friends decide to try pulling her out of the hole but end up needing assistance from some of the restaurant’s employees. Fortunately, they got her out and I’m sure she was cut off for the rest of the evening.

Thankfully, I’ve never been drunk enough to do something like that, but I know people who have ridiculous drink stories fairly similar to that. No matter how embarrassing your tipsy shenanigans might be, at least you know you’ll have a good story that you and your friends can laugh about for years to come.

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