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A Carnival cruise ship that departed from Florida caught fire Thursday morning while docked in Grand Turk.

The ship was carrying around 2,500 passengers and over 1,000 crew members during this five-day cruise that started on Monday, May 23rd, 2022. Among the thousands of people on board, a woman named Kelly was one of the passengers to film the crazy incident while still on board. She posted the video to TikTok and the video already has over 15 million views and 1 million likes.

I don't know how you could remain so calm to simply stand there and film as the ship is engulfed in a raging fire and it's all happening right in front of you. However, the internet is very happy for her steady hand and great angle.

After posting the video of the fire, many viewers were concerned for Kelly's safety and wanted an update on what was happening with the ship. Kelly gladly updated her viewers with a video of her lounging by the ship's pool with the charred part of the ship in the background. The cruise was still doing what it usually would after the fire was put out. They were playing a movie by the pool and continuing to serve cocktails, as Kelly demonstrated by clinking glasses with the person she was on the cruise with.

Based on her videos, along with other reports about the incident, no one on the ship was injured during the fire. However, based on another update made by Kelly just an hour ago, the ship is now unable to move and the passengers will be staying in Grand Turk for the next two days before they can get back on a ship to continue the cruise.

I’m sure Kelly will continue to keep everyone updated on her adventures after this terrible incident, so keep an eye on her TikTok for more videos.

Until there is another update, here are the videos she’s posted so far about the incident:

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