When it comes to crazy states, no one comes close to Florida. There is a running joke around the country about "Florida Man". The joke originated because so many weird news stories around the country begin with "A Florida man did...

Deep in the heart of Texans, we know that we cannot beat Florida in the crazy department. Yet, lately, there have been a lot of Texans making the rounds of weird news.

For example, there were two Texas ladies who went viral for claiming that the new Hocus Pocus movie was satanic. We won't name them here, but even Saturday Night Live had some fun at their expense.

Now, there is another bit of viral weirdness that comes from Texas. Lauryn Bosstick is a Texas mother of two who is the founder of the "Skinny Confidential", a lifestyle podcast and product line that is now going viral for a very crazy technique. She swears that taping your mouth shut has therapeutic value.

That's right. Taping your mouth shut when you sleep. Bosstick went on "Good Morning, America" and claimed in front of a nationwide audience that taping her mouth shut at night has health benefits.  She even claims the first time she did it, she had more energy.

She gets a lot of backup from prominent doctors and others like Andrew D. Huberman.

Huberman says breathing through the nose instead of the mouth can help prevent infection and improve teeth hygiene, and facial alignment, and provide deeper sleep.

As with any viral trend, there are those who vehemently disagree. Kaninika Verma, MD, clinical sleep director at OSF Healthcare says this is nothing that a physician would ever recommend to a patient.

This doctor is by no means a mouth-breathing proponent, but he says taping your mouth shut while you sleep can cause obstructed breathing and create more serious sleep disorders like obstructive sleep apnea or sleep disruptions.

Senior man snoring and woman covering ears

Doctor Verma and many others say getting health and medical advice online and on social media platforms are often just fads, people doing things for entertainment.  He says you should always consult your professional healthcare provider to address your medical concerns.

As for me, there are people I wish would try this technique, WHILE THEY'RE AWAKE.

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