The 40th annual Cruise Night was a huge success, all because of our supporters and listeners. One law enforcement officer stopped by to visit with me while I was broadcasting from Pam's Pets and said, "I love Cruise Night. It is an incredible event, and I always used to cruise in my classic car."

When you've got one of Abilene's finest remembering the years he participated in Cruise Night, you know it's a memorable family event. Speaking of memorable, we had some very special vehicles this year.

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Earlier in the day, we participated in the West Texas Keepers Car Club Car Show in Clyde. Over 150 cars, trucks and motorcycles were on display for all attendees to view and photograph.

As a matter of fact, my wife attended the event and had me take pictures of her with some vehicles similar to ones she once had the pleasure of driving. It was estimated that between two to four thousand people visited the car show in Clyde and/or the cruise in Abilene. Now, I've attended Cruise Night every year for 40 years and I will say it seemed as if there were more classic and muscle cars out on the street this year.

It does my heart good when I see parents pointing at cars and sharing stories with their children. The photos below are from both the show in Clyde and the cruise along North 1st. Enjoy.

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