One thing I know about living in this part of Texas is that if you have pets, you must protect them. Our family fur babies are susceptible to all kinds of diseases; many if not most are preventable. And now that summer is here things are heating up and the mosquitoes are looking for fresh blood.

Do mosquitoes like biting through the fur on our pets? The answer to that is absolutely yes. Mosquitoes are the primary source for heartworms. Furthermore, mosquitoes can produce vector-borne diseases in certain regions of Texas. Vector-borne diseases are known to cause West Nile virus, Eastern equine encephalitis, and even Lyme disease.

If you're interested in protecting your pets don't miss out on the Annual Hawley Rabies Clinic being held at the First Baptist Church in Hawley Texas. Have your pets vaccinated and protected from fleas and ticks from 1:30 - 3:30 pm on Saturday, June 17.

Merkel veterinarian Dr. Brad Banner will also be offering the rattlesnake vaccine and booster shots as well. With all the recent rainfall, rattlesnakes have been coming out from underneath homes, abandoned vehicles, portable storage buildings, and any places they find to hide.

Take the safe road and get your pets vaccinated even if they're indoor pets, because if they sneak out just one time, it could mean trouble. The First Baptist Church is located at 337 5th Street, Hawley, Texas. Call Elise Miller for more information at 325-829-8139.

LOOK: The rabies clinic at the First Baptist Church in Hawley

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