The Big Country is lucky to have Dyess Air Force Base in our area. We must all come together to give a little something back to those who have served.

In that regard, Operation Special Santa Carwash on Saturday, October 21, 2023 is being held to benefit our West Texas veterans who are in nursing homes. Many men and women in nursing homes throughout the region have no one to come and spend time with them during the holidays.

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Our Dyess We Care Team, made up of active-duty men and women, will be hosting a fundraiser carwash to raise funds to purchase a small gift for each one of our Big Country veterans in area nursing homes. The most moving part of all this is when these service members show up at a nursing home and the resident is told that they have a guest, the look on the veteran's face can be so moving it will put tears in your eyes. Many of the nursing home residents haven't had visitors in a long time.

So please help the Dyess We Care Team make more memorable moments in our local veterans' lives. Bring your vehicle to the Dyess We Care Team's benefit carwash on October 21. The Operation Special Santa Carwash will be in the parking lot between Hobby Lobby and Fox Coffee at 4574 South 14th Street from 10 AM until 4 PM.

For additional information or to donate, contact Gordon Storey of the Dyess We Care Team at (325)-864-1286.

Photo by: Gordon Storey
Photo by: Gordon Storey

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