In Texas, the "50 Mile" law pertains to divorced families with children. In the Lone Star State, many custodial parents face the Texas Standard Possession Order. This is when joint custody has been reached and both parents will share their time equally with the children.

Here is where the 50 Mile law comes into play. Many state legislators did take into consideration that Texas is a huge region, and drive times in the Lone Star State are referred to in time and not mileage. The courts administered rules for parents who live 50 miles apart from each other, including a calendar for days and times on possession (see the video below).

If the custodial parents live less than 50 miles apart, the Texas Standard Custodial Possession laws remain the same. However, especially when near military bases, a lot of parents travel to meet up with their exes for what I refer to as the "kid swap".

There was a period in my life when my ex and I were doing the "kid swap" that I recall some tense moments. Especially when my ex moved out of town. This arrangement was not in the agreement and brought about stress when traveling the interstate to meet up.

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When parents live 50 miles apart or less, the noncustodial parent gets special options for completing their standard possession mandate. The noncustodial parent has the opportunity to choose between the “default” or “election” option in the divorce settlement. My how the times have changed when it comes to custody of the children.

If you are interested in researching more on the "50 Mile" law, check out the Texas Attorney website.

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