A raging fire is spreading across the Texas panhandle threatening lives, homes, and businesses while forcing many residents to evacuate.

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Updated: March 3rd

The Smokehouse Creek Fire in the Texas Panhandle has now become the largest fire in Texas history and has burned more than one million acres of land. The fire is only 15% contained at this time. The fire has killed two people and has also scorched more than 31,000 acres of Oklahoma land.

Smokehouse Creek Fire in Texas Panhandle

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Updated: February 29th, 7am

The fire has scorched over 850,000 acres of Texas land and over 31,000 acres of land in Oklahoma. One Texas resident has died as a result of the fires. Currently, the fire is only 3% contained.

Smokehouse Creek Fire In Texas Panhandle
Getty Images
Smokehouse Creek Fire In Texas Panhandle
Getty Images

Original Article

According to CNN, the Smokehouse Creek Fire has burned more than 500,000 acres of land across Texas and is spreading rapidly. Texas A&M Forest Service the fire is now the second-largest wildfire in Texas history.

Winds continue to shift as a front moves across Texas which could complicate how officials fight this massive fire.

This is a developing story and we will continue to update this as we get more information.

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