A 10-year-old Texas boy confessed to shooting and killing 32-year-old Brandon O'Quinn Raspberry, a man who lived in the same RV park as his grandfather. According to KENS5, the murder was unprovoked and the boy did not know the victim.

The boy told police he took a pistol out of the glove compartment of his grandfather's truck, went to Raspberry's RV, and shot him while he was sleeping. The Gonzales County Sheriff's office investigated the shocking confession, which led them to a pawn shop in Sequin where they were able to locate the gun. It was later confirmed as the murder weapon.

At the time of the murder, the boy was only 7. Texas State law does not deem a child responsible for committing a crime until the age of 10.

Because of the nature of the crime, the boy was taken to a psychiatric hospital in San Antonio but has since been admitted to a Gonzales County detention facility for a charge involving a school bus. The child allegedly threatened to kill another student on the bus, and when confronted by school officials, admitted to shooting and killing a man 2 years prior. He was able to describe to police in detail how he'd killed Raspberry.

Nixon-Smiley CISD issued a statement that the boy would not be returning to their elementary school campus.

This is a terribly sad story and should serve as a reminder not to leave firearms anywhere a child may be able to get to them. Not only is the glove compartment an easy place for a kid to gain access to a weapon, but it's also the first place thieves look when they break into your vehicle. Never leave a firearm in your vehicle when you are not present. It's your duty as a responsible gun owner to lock up your weapons and prevent tragedies such as this.

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