In the Texas panhandle, we're used to seeing random collections of vehicles, strange monuments, and all kinds of weird knick-knacks scattered along the highway. In Oklahoma, however, there is a collection of pillars that dwarfs anything we have. Say hello to Tulsa Stonehenge.

Tulsa Stonehenge, It's As Strange As It Sounds

In Texas, we have our own version of Stonehenge. It's a miniature version that shares real estate with our Lone Star version of Easter Island. In Oklahoma, they've got their own "Stonehenge" and it is just as strange as our version.

In the video above, you can see the massive monolithic pillars reaching up toward the sky. The view of the horizon is littered with the structures. What are they for? How did they get there? Who took the time to decorate them so pretty? What does it all mean?!

Tulsa Stonehenge...Oklahoma's Most Interesting Construction Project

Digging through as much information as I could find, it turns out that these are not cosmic antennae or some kind of modern art installation that only hipsters understand. Tulsa Stonehenge is actually part of a big construction project.

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These pillars are supposed to be part of a new bridge. The construction of this bridge is being done in two parts. What we're seeing now is the completion of part one. The second part should be starting sometime soon, and rumor has it construction should be completed in a couple of years.

Enjoy it while you can. Sure, it may not be the most beautiful thing you've ever laid your eyes on, but one day it will gone. The bridge will be completed, and all we'll have left of the Tulsa Stonehenge will be our memories. Get all the pictures you can while you can.

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