If you have ever been asked to join the bridal party for one of your friend’s weddings, you understand the immense joy and excitement that comes with it, but also the slight worry about budgeting to ensure you can afford all that comes with your new role.

Bridesmaid Budgeting

Many brides are very mindful of this and aim to make things as cost effective as possible for their bridesmaids, but everyone’s budget can look different and what is affordable for one friend might be too much for another.

One of the most important things you will likely have to spend money on as a bridesmaid is your dress. While some brides will buy dresses for everyone, each bridesmaid is more often expected to cover the cost of their dress on their own. The only problem with this is if the bride wants everyone in a certain style or brand of dress that is more than you can afford.

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If you find yourself in this situation, I have a money saving hack that can save you lots.

If you are okay with buying pre-owned clothing in order to get a great deal, you have to check out the bridesmaid dress options on clothing reseller apps.

I am in a wedding later this year and the bride wanted each of us in a certain color and fabric from Birdy Grey. While their dresses aren’t too expensive as is, I found tons of options available on these apps. Many were new with tags and had never been worn, some had only been worn once but were still in great condition.

Some were even as low as $25!

So, before you drop hundreds on a bridesmaid dress, look on clothing reseller apps to see what they offer.

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