Summer is fun and all, but after so many weeks of the heat, mosquitos, and sunburns, most of us are ready for fall.

We want to wear sweaters, sip on hot chocolate, and cozy up around a campfire on a chilly evening. The problem is that we are currently in the strange limbo of waiting for summer to end and fall to begin. August still has the summer heat, but pumpkin spice also makes its return and every store has some form of Halloween décor for sale.

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This tease of fall has everyone counting down the days until it’s actually here.

So, what can you do in the meantime to start getting yourself ready for fall without completely spoiling the remainder of summer?

Fall Scents

One of my personal favorite parts of fall are all of the delicious gourmand, warm, cinnamon, apple, and pumpkin scents. Whether it’s with candles, lotion, or perfume, fall smells really get me in that cozy mood. So, start incorporating these smells into the end of summer as a great way to transition into fall.

Cozy Clothes

Another fall staple is cozy clothes like sweaters, long pajama pants, and fuzzy socks. If it isn’t too toasty in your house in the evening or the morning, start incorporating these items into your routine. I also find it easy to wear sweaters to work because of how cold the office gets. If your workplace is the same, take this as an opportunity to layer.

Warm Drinks

If you drink coffee or tea every morning or as an evening treat, try adding some fall flavors into the mix. Many stores have pumpkin spice syrup available already, or you can simply add some cinnamon for some spice. You can also combine the delicious fall smells and warm drinks by simmering some apple cider in a crock pot or on the stove. Your whole house will smell delicious, and you can enjoy the flavors of fall.

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