Former Texas Tech quarterback and Kansas City Chief Patrick Mahomes made a surprise appearance on this week's WWE Raw at the T-Mobile Center in Kansas City.

United States champion Logan Paul captured the full attention of the Missouri crowd when he tried to get an assist from Mahomes during a confrontation with Jey Uso.

Mahomes was sitting in the front row and Paul approached him to borrow his three Super Bowl championship rings to use as brass knuckles and punch Uso. However, Paul's blinged-out fist landed on JD McDonagh as Uso slipped away at the last second.

Take a look.

This wasn't the end of Mahomes' cameo. Braun Strowman entered the ring to scar off Paul moments later before Strowman returned to the front row to confront Mahomes.

Mahomes' offensive linemen, center Creed Humphrey and guard Trey Smith, stood in front of Mahomes to defend their quarterback like they would on the field. There was no way the Chiefs would ever have allowed Mahomes to enter a WWE ring.

We are all glad to know Patrick Mahomes will be protected on and off the field.

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