When we think of bank robberies, we have a tendency to glorify them like the movies right? One of two things happens in our mind when we hear about them. One, someone comes in yelling and screaming. They shoot up into the ceiling of the bank and tell everyone to get down.

The other is where someone casually walks in, shows a gun and slips the teller a note. In either case, it's always an adult doing the deed. Well leave it to Texas to completely change the narrative and thought of a bank robber.

Recently in Houston, three juveniles apparently watched too many movies where banks got robbed that they decided to do it themselves. The three kids walked into a Wells Fargo there, slid a relatively threatening note to the teller, then fled the bank with an undisclosed sum of money.

I mean that's straight out of a movie, right? Don't cause a scene, just make it look casual like a transaction. However, three kids going up to a teller seems a little suspicious right? Especially when you consider the ages of the kids were 16, 12, and 11.

Then again, maybe it just looked like the oldest one was watching his brothers for the day so no one batted an eye.

Well in true form, the FBI in Houston decided to have a little fun in trying to catch the boys. They posted on X (formerly Twitter) with the caption, "Recognize these 'little rascals'?'" Ha! The Little Rascals, love it.

Well bad news for the kiddos, because it worked. In fact, two of the kids were identified by their parents. Talk about heartbreaking, right? The third one was identified by authorities. The run is over for the Little Rascals.

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