The marching arts in Texas have always been strong.

Let's face it, with football as the king of sports in Texas, marching bands have to be just as strong as the team on the field. From high school to college, there's Lone Star marchers across the state. When they take the field and that first note hits, you know it's halftime.

Here's the thing that many don't know about bands in the state of Texas: there's so many different themes to shows. Across all the groups, you're bound to find a unique show for all of them. But today, one very famous rock band has called for fans of their music to determine one thing: who has the best show featuring their music.

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What band are we talking about? Metallica.

The Metallica Marching Band Competition, And Involved Bands In Texas

Any marching band contest without a band from Texas isn't truly a contest is it? Well, thankfully, both high school and college organizations are ready to claim the top spot. The University of Texas is of course involved, as well as TCU.

Many Lone Star high schools are also taking part, and you can vote for your favorite by going to the website here. Now, only one vote is allowed in the high school and college categories.

Yes, the song you're thinking of is allowed to pop into your head while you're picking your personal favorite.

Good luck to all the Texas bands involved, and march on!

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