In certain parts of San Angelo, people are seeing more wild hogs and javelinas. They are usually most active at dawn and dusk. Encountering a squadron of javelinas can be unnerving. Believe it or not, squadron is the correct term for a group of javelinas.

While there are similarities between javelinas and wild pigs, they have a totally different impact.

Javelinas are native to our area. They belong here. Javelinas are generally small, and they are not known to be aggressive. They can run fast, and people often mistake them for being aggressive when trying to escape.

Seeing javelinas in San Angelo is normal as our area is their natural habitat.

Wild pigs, on the other hand, are a different species. Feral hogs are basically what farmyard pigs were before they were domesticated. It is also what a farmyard pig becomes once again if it escapes into the wild.

Wild pigs were brought here by Spanish explorers 300 years ago. They have been wreaking havoc on our environment ever since. Feral hogs can get big. According to, they can get 36 inches high and weigh 400 pounds. Javelinas are generally much smaller and rarely weigh more than 50 pounds.

Wild hogs will eat almost anything. Javelinas are primarily plant eaters.

Wild hogs are growing in population all over Texas, despite hunting efforts. Javelinas are not inherently destructive, but feral hogs are evil. They threaten agricultural production, water quality, habitat, and native species in Texas. They can also be very dangerous.

Photo by Kevin Jackson on Unsplash Wild hog
Photo by Kevin Jackson on Unsplash
Wild hog

There are cases of wild hogs attacking and killing human beings. It is essential if you see one to give it space. It is not legal to shoot a wild hog within the city limits. Animal control can trap them and remove them.

Ironically, the meat of both animals is tasty.

While they may appear similar, javelinas and wild hogs are totally different animals. Javelinas belong here. Wild hogs do not. Should you encounter either one, keep your distance.

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