Some of the early critics who saw Joker claimed they believed the movie was irresponsible or even dangerous. Regal Cinemas banned Joker cosplay at all opening weekend screenings, and families of victims of the Aurora mass shootings in 2012 at a screening of The Dark Knight Rises have also publicly taken Warner Bros. to task for the film. Thus far, there had only been increased security at some theaters around the country — but last night at least one California theater shut down and its Joker screenings were canceled after a ‘credible threat’ made against it.

Variety says the Century Huntington Beach and XD in Huntington Beach, CA shut down early last night, after this threat was reported to police:

The police department deemed the threat was credible enough to provide a uniformed presence at the theater. As the investigation continued, our officers worked with the managers of the theater, who determined they would cancel the final two showings of the movie and close the theater out of an abundance of caution. Based on the investigation, and in working with theater management, it was determined that the theater could safely reopen today and resume normal operation.

No details were given about the threat, and the theater resumed its normal operations today. It’s easy to assume these kinds of things are just trollish pranks, but if police think they are “credible,” then they need to be treated seriously. Joker is in theaters now.

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