Justin Timberlake went viral on social media for all the wrong reasons after he took the stage at Pharrell Williams' Something in the Water Festival this past weekend.

The "Mirrors" star delivered a hit-filled set list including bops such as "Señorita," "SexyBack," "My Love" and "Rock Your Body," according to Billboard. However, Twitter users were too focused on his cringe-inducing dance moves and his dad-cooking-at-the-barbecue wardrobe to celebrate Timberlake's return to performing.

At one point during the set, he appeared to show the audience his version of Washington, D.C.'s famous dance the Beat Ya Feet, according to the Daily Mail. His attempt was not well-received online where he was promptly dragged for his not-so-smooth moves.

Putting it simply, Timberlake danced with the energy of someone afraid of throwing out their hip while wearing an outfit your dad might throw on for a trip to Costco.

"America tried to ruin Janet Jackson for this man," someone tweeted alongside footage of the singer awkwardly jumping around on stage in khakis and a poorly fit, short-sleeved button-up.

The tweet quickly went viral, but it was hardly the only tweet that brought up Jackson or Britney Spears, two women Timberlake publicly apologized to in 2021 for misdeeds that took place years ago.

"I wonder if Janet and Britney ever text each other," another user pondered.

Several tweets also compared Timberlake to Will Schuester, the cringe-inducing choir teacher Matthew Morrison played on Glee. Other unflattering tweets likened him to a vice principal, a youth pastor and an IT specialist.

Meanwhile, some users wondered what dance he was attempting because it was clearly not the Beat Ya Feet.

"This man Justin Timberlake tellin DC to beat their feet as he proceeded to do a river dance is peak gentrification," someone tweeted, while another wrote: "Justin Timberlake said 'DC beat your feet' and proceeded to do the hokey pokey."

"Justin Timberlake deserves jail time for those dance moves," yet another critic opined.

While people had fun teasing the singer for his moves, others were concerned about how their friends would take the drag.

"Gentle reminder that justin timberlake won't see your tweets but your friends who use kohl's cash will," someone hilariously tweeted.

Social media generally had fun teasing Timberlake. However, many fans came to his defense.

"Let's speak about this tho... THE VOCALS IS ON POINT," someone celebrated. "He did this LIVE and sound like the record! So he did his thing! To hell with the dancing! He did what he was supposed to do .. SING!"

Check out some of the funniest tweets below:

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