What do you do if you live out of state and don't get your mail-in ballot? Most people would probably not vote this year, this guy decided to put in the effort in this very important election.

Jeff Wilson used to work in Sonora, Texas which is just outside of San Antonio. Here currently works in Los Angeles, California and knows just how important voting in this year's election was. He was prepared to receive his mail-in ballot in California, but it never came. So Jeff decided to hop in his car and make the 1,200 mile journey back to Texas.

He said the trip is around 24 hours, but he did make a pit stop in the desert to get some sleep. He actually planned to fly into El Paso, but they're currently having a major surge in Covid-19 cases and he did not feel comfortable flying into there. So...Road Trip! Jeff was asked if the trip was worth if?

"It was definitely worth the drive," he said, adding he was compelled to because of "gravity of this election.We as Americans, as Texans, get to call this aspect of the shots." Jeff also had a message for all the people that complain about voting or don't vote.

"If I'm gonna drive 1,217 miles and sleep in my car for a few hours, I think there aren't a whole lot of excuses to drive three or four minutes to the polling station and maybe wait a while," he said. In Texas, voters can apply to receive a vote-by-mail ballot if they are out of the county on Election Day and during early voting.

So hopefully you voted in this election and as of me posting this, we're still waiting on some results to come in. We will see how this crazy election season goes.

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