"You gotta love a man who cleans," the tagline for Mr. Clean brand's new ad for Super Bowl 51 reads. And it's true — while study results vary regarding whether men who do more housework also enjoy more sex with their partners, the prospect of half of the American population chipping in to help the other half (women, who remain the chief target of ads for cleaning products) with some scrubbing and mopping is always very welcome.

Mr. Clean's high-profile new TV spot, produced by Leo Burnett, Toronto, hits on this fact, as well another low-key truth: Some people find the bald, musclebound two-dimensional marketing icon sexy as hell. Seriously, it's a thing. Which is why putting Procter & Gamble's 59-year-old mascot in a pair of skintight white jeans to match the shirt stretching across his computer-generated pecs was probably inevitable. Watch Mr. Clean's new Super Bowl ad, in which a housewife fantasizes that her husband is actually the cloud-browed stud, above.

Mr. Clean's appeal made me wonder if he was the only crush worthy male animated character; a cursory Google search reveals dozens of listicles about sexy female cartoons like this one from CinemaBlend, yet only the heroes over at World of Wonder have a list of hot male toons. Before I found that, though, I crowdsourced Team PopCrush for internal answers, in a VERY professional and respectful way:

sexy cartoon characters

But once we got the ball rolling, it was truly a safe space for dialogue. Kind of.


The ad wizards at Leo Burnett are really onto something.

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