Everyone loves a good mystery. This is NOT a good mystery. Unusual roadside fires continue to occur on Highway 87 North near the Chadbourne Street Overpass and FM 2105.

Five times already in less than three weeks.

What is going on?  Theories include intentional arson. Some believe a vehicle dragging a chain or muffler is causing the fires. Others say it might be casual cigarettes thrown from a moving vehicle.

Witnesses on Facebook report that they have seen "multiple fires ( at least 5-6, maybe more spread out over a large area between Walmart and GC all going simultaneously).

Reports of the 4th fire in the area say the fires were started along both sides of the highway, starting about 12:40 pm between Lake Street and the Chadbourne overpass.

Quick action from the local heroes of the Grape Creek Volunteer Fire Department has kept these fires from getting out of hand. If it keeps happening, however, it is just a matter of time before things get out of hand.

Hopefully, wetter weather over the next few days will make fires harder to start in the area. In the meantime, business and property owners in the area should create fire breaks and mow down tall grass and other fire fuels.

Something is definitely going on. It seems odd that this is happening in the same area this often. It would be nice if we could finally get an answer to this "not so good" mystery.

Perhaps someone, somewhere knows what's going on. Hopefully, it's not anything paranormal. That's highly unlikely because as I've already pointed out this is NOT a GOOD mystery. At least, not yet.

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