The Concho Kennel Club hosts its 2016 National AKC Dog Show on November 5 and 6.


Spectator admission is free.  Each day is a separate show for the 335 entries held at Foster Communications Coliseum.  Each day starts at 8:30am for breed class competition and group competition starts around 12:00pm leading up to best in show.  Included in the competition both days is the Obedience and Rally Trials and the 4-6 month old puppy competition.
Prizes for all competitions are sponsored by kennel club members.

Dogs and their handlers are coming from across the State, New Mexico, Arizona, Florida, Oklahoma, Nebraska, California and other areas of the U.S.   Many of these dogs compete at Westminster in New York and are the top dogs in the country.

Adults and children may register to show their pure-bred dog at the “fun match” competition that begins Saturday at 6:00pm.  Register by 4:00pm at the club table for $7 per dog.  Ribbons and prizes are awarded.

The Microchipping Clinic is on Sunday from Noon-3:30pm in the West corridor of the Coliseum.  The fee is $35 and includes the AKC medical-grade bioglass chip, collar tag and lifetime enrollment on the International database.

The club is celebrating a 100-year span of hosting dog shows in honor of its first AKC show in 1916 in San Angelo.  More information will be available on the history table.

For more information about the dog show, visit