They say you can tell a lot about a community from the things they search for on Google. The 2022 Top Google searches for San Angelo are out.  There are some interesting findings.

First of all, San Angelo is unique for one interesting search. "Garage sales" was the top trending "near me" search for the year. No other place in the US had this as its top trending search. Another interesting "near me" search was "mini golf".  Only San Angelo and Zanesville, Ohio had that as a top trending near me search.

The top trending animal of the year in San Angelo was the "water moccasin".  No other community in the nation had that as its number one animal search.

When it comes to the trending recipe search in San Angelo, "ceviche" came in number one. I am not sure what ceviche is.  Apparently, a lot of people in the area are ceviche curious.  Just for the record, ceviche, according to Southern Living in a seafood dish where diced cubes of raw fish, are marinated in a lemon or lime juice mixture.

The top music genre searched in San Angelo in 2022 is "country"

Overall, these are the top trending "near me" search in the San Angelo area for 2022

Top Trending "Near Me" Google Searches in San Angelo in 2022

Top 10 "Near Me" Items searched on Google in San Angelo 2022
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